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The Housing Trust Fund Project of the Center for Community Change is pleased to offer this report summarizing our findings from a national survey of housing trust funds completed late in 2015. The report summarizes the characteristics of state, city and county housing trust funds in distinct sections, followed by a description of the progress with state enabling legislation in several states.

In this report, the Housing Trust Fund Project opted to highlight several trends we believe housing trust funds have contributed to the affordable housing field and ones that are important to pay attention to as we advance the role affordable housing plays in our communities.

These include:

● Highlighting the success of housing trust funds
● Preserving our investment in affordable housing
● Providing safe affordable homes for extremely low income households
● Preserving neighborhoods
● Addressing rural housing needs
● Ensuring quality energy efficiency
● Addressing homelessness

Housing trust funds, more often than not, evolve over time. Some are capitalized with initial one time funding, others build dedicated revenue as a second step, some continue building revenues adding new dedicated funds. What this report does show is that housing trust funds have established themselves as a sustainable and significant model. They are making a measurable contribution to efforts to redress this country’s approach to ensure a fundamental right to a safe affordable place to call home.

Download this file (HTF_Survey-Report-2016-final.pdf)HTF_Survey-Report-2016-final.pdf[ ]8507 kB