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Address: P. O. Box 220, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986

Phone: (304) 646-3482

Website: http://oakhurstoutreach.blogspot.com/

Services Provided: Addiction Recovery and Transitional Housing.

Service Areas & Congressional Districts: All counties and Congressional Districts.

Oakhurst Outreach Apartments – Multifamily Transitional – $10.3K:

Number of Units: 10

County & Congressional District Served by Project: Greenbrier County (#3).

The Oakhurst Apartments project will consist of ten apartments and a community space on property the Episcopal Diocese owns but no longer uses in White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County. Although the site offers great possibilities for the project, it poses a problem requiring extensive predevelopment work. The project will contain ten two-bedroom apartments and community space. Each apartment, pursuant to HUD regulations, will be approximately 800 square feet and contain a kitchen, living/dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The tenants will be low-income women with mental illnesses and/or dual diagnoses of mental illness and chemical dependency. Referrals will come from the public housing authority, social service agencies and mental health professionals. At least one unit will be accessible for residents with physical, sight and hearing disabilities. All other units will be adaptable. A full array of supportive services will be offered to the residents. The services will include health and mental health care, group and individual counseling, parenting, education, vocational training, job placement, financial counseling and budgeting, and recreational activities. The Trust Fund awarded OO with a $10,300 forgivable predevelopment loan for the initial engineering, architectural and environmental assessment fees associated with the project.

Address: P. O. Box 913, Franklin, WV 26807

Phone: (304) 358-7642

Website: www.almostheavenhabitat.org

Services Provided: Counseling, Development, Education, Loan Program, and Housing Rehabilitation.

Service Areas & Congressional Districts: Greenbrier (#3), Pendleton (#2) and Pocahontas (#3) Counties.

River Bend Gardens – Multifamily – $154.5K:

Number of Units: 15

County & Congressional District Served by Project: Pendleton County (#2).

The Trust Fund awarded AHHH $154,500 for the development of River Bend Gardens, a 15-unit development that currently houses 3 formerly-homeless veterans. Funds were specifically used to help offset the costs associated with making four side units fully handicap-accessible such as handicap ramps, grab bars, roll-in shower stalls, handicap toilets, sinks and faucets, handicap door knobs, etc.

Address: P. O. Box 1577, Elkins, WV 26241

Phone: (304) 636-6495

Website: www.highlandmeadowswv.com

Services Provided: Development and Housing Rehabilitation.

Service Areas & Congressional Districts: Barbour (#1), Randolph (#2) and Tucker (#1) Counties.

Highland Meadows – Single-Family – $29K:

Number of Units: 1

County & Congressional District Served by Project: Randolph County (#2).

In 2010, HCB was approached by a local family to build a home in the Highland Meadows subdivision of Elkins. They requested that the home be built to accommodate the special needs of one of their two children, who is confined to a wheelchair. The family of four had been renting a subsidized two-story townhouse for several years, but it had become increasingly inconvenient as the child grew. They looked extensively for an existing home that would meet their needs as a family but were unable to find one, and thus asked HCB to build the home they needed. The $29,000 award from the Trust Fund was used to help pay for the special accommodations, including a handicapped-accessible bathroom with a roll-in shower and an exterior ram, that the family requested, all while keeping the house affordable. The house was built to the family’s specifications and they moved into it in 2011. The family has been very happy with their home from day one, and it continues to serve their needs just as they had hoped it would.

Address: 84 Fifteenth Street, Wheeling, WV 26003

Phone: (304) 232-6105

Website: www.wheelinghomeless.org

Services Provided: Employment, Rental and Transitional Housing.

Service Areas & Congressional Districts: Brooke (#1), Hancock (#1), Ohio (#1), Marshall (#1) and Wetzel (#1) Counties.

The Flats – Multifamily – $154.5K:

Number of Units: 6

Counties & Congressional Districts Served by Project: Brooke (#1), Hancock (#1), Ohio (#1), Marshall (#1) and Wetzel (#1) Counties.

The Trust Fund awarded $150,000 to GWCH in June 2010 to fund rehabilitation work on the Gertrude Flats Apartments at 102 Fourteenth Street. At the suggestion of the project architect and with approval of the funding source, the Trust Fund award was set aside and reserved for the purpose of removing and replacing more than 100 windows in the building, completely updating the appearance and functionality of the shelter. This work was completed and the full Trust Fund award was expended as of May 2012. The building, which began providing housing for clients in July 2012, is able to provide up to 18 beds of permanent housing for homeless adults with disabilities. There are currently 10 disabled adults living in the shelter and experienced case management staff work with clients to ensure access to medical treatment and mental health counseling, as well as assist with efforts to look for work or apply for mainstream benefit programs.

One RHP client, “Sandra,” recently left the program for a HUD-subsidized apartment, a highly successful permanent housing outcome. Upon entry to the Residential Housing Program, “Sandra” was a 55-year-old woman with a history of serious physical health ailments, mental health and addiction issues. By working with GWCH case management staff, she achieved stability by engaging with local mental health counselors, maintaining medical appointments and applying for SSDI benefits. “Sandra” also trained for a position with the Senior Aide program and developed a personal budget which allowed her to save more than $1,800 in less than a year, in addition to completing her application for HUD-subsidized housing. Since leaving Residential Housing, she has continued to meet with GWCH staff for ongoing case management supervision and is well on her way to achieving independence.

Address: 103 12th Street, P. O. Box 1229, Fairmont, WV 26555-1229

Phone: (304) 333-2435

Website: www.augustapineswv.com

Service Provided: Housing Development.

Service Areas & Congressional Districts: Harrison (#1), Marion (#1), Monongalia (#1), Preston (#1), Taylor (#1) and Wetzel (#1) Counties.

Augusta Pines Subdivision – Pre-Development – $10.3K:

Number of Units: 19

County & Congressional District Served by Project: Marion County (#1).

  • The Augusta Pines Project involves the acquisition and development of a 7.5 acre parcel of land on the outskirts of Fairmont, adjacent to the Mary Lou Retton Park on Norway Loop Road.
  • Subdivision of 19 building lots from .25 to .33 acres in size with access from Norway Loop Road.
  • The single-family structures will be approximately 1,100 to 1,700 square feet in size and will be marketed to low- to moderate-income families in North Central West Virginia with price ranges targeting $140,000-160,000.
  • Lot prices from the low $30’s, which are competitive to the area.
  • The subdivision will feature paved streets; underground utilities including: sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water, electric, gas, cable/TV; and attractive landscaping.
  • Site will also contain approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of green space for passive recreation.
  • Established homeownership along with Covenants and Restrictions.
  • The development is in a stable/developing residential area close to schools, employment, health care and shopping.
  • Six homes completed with a seventh expected to be done in November 2013.

ADC was created to develop, construct, manage, and finance any and all types of real estate properties and to provide education, social services and community development services to low- and moderateincome persons, to promote and support the mission, activities, programs and operation of the Fairmont-Morgantown Housing Authority. ADC is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit public benefit corporation of West Virginia. Since 1998, ADC has been the collective voice of those who support, build and finance affordable housing. ADC is committed to building while enhancing neighborhoods by satisfying the customer through trust, honesty, integrity and quality. It understands the necessity and importance of enhancing the community in terms of housing, development, creation of recreational facilities, and activity support systems for the community. Recently it has completed single-family construction projects in Fairmont and Morgantown.

  1. Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity: White Sulphur Springs Tuckahoe Road Project; for predevelopment costs associated with the construction of five (5) single-family homes for resale to low- and moderate-income families in White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County; $10.3K.
  2. Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity: River Bend Gardens; for the construction of fifteen (15) units in five mansion-style townhouses for families or individuals with incomes 80% and below MFI in Franklin, Pendleton County; $154.5K.
  3. Augusta Development Corporation: Augusta Pines Subdivision; for the predevelopment costs associated with the construction of nineteen (19) single-family home for low- and moderateincome families in North Central West Virginia; $10.3K. Marion
  4. Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha and Putnam County: North Hills Drive – Lot 38, 39, & 41; for the construction of three (3) single-family detached homes for families or individuals with incomes 60% or less of the MFI in Charleston, Kanawha County; $123.6K.
  5. Highland Community Builders: Accessibility Home at Highland Meadows; for the construction of a one-story single-family home for a family or individual with an income of 80% and below MFI in Elkins, Randolph County; $29,870.
  6. Housing Authority of Wayne County: Downtown Wayne Revitalization of Old Dollar General Building; for the predevelopment costs associated with the purchase and renovation of a three-story dilapidated building into three (3) affordable housing units in Wayne County; $10.3K.
  7. Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless: The Flats; for the rehabilitation of a three-story multifamily structure that contains six (6) units in Wheeling, Ohio County, these units are used for 16-18 client beds for the special needs adult population with incomes 30% and below the MFI; $154.5K.
  8. Oakhurst Outreach: Oakhurst Outreach Apartments; for predevelopment costs associated with the construction of ten (10) two-bedroom apartments and a community space for individuals with mental illness and/or chemical dependency in White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County; $10.3K.
  9. Randolph County Housing Authority: Tygart Hotel Restoration; to conduct a due diligence study with the help of the Mills Group for the purchase of the Tygart Hotel that currently contains thirty-five (35) units in Randolph County; $10.3K. Randolph
  10. Rea of Hope Fellowship Home, Inc.: Expansion Project Phase III; for predevelopment costs associated with the purchase and renovation of two (2) single-family structures in Charleston, Kanawha County for the benefit of women recovering from alcohol and/or drug abuse; $7,210.
  11. Safe Housing and Economic Development: Green Build Houses; for predevelopment costs associated with the construction of three (3) single-family homes in McDowell County with a focus on green-building techniques for individuals and families 60% and below the MFI; $10.3K.
  12. Southeastern Appalachian Rural Alliance: Project American Dream II; for predevelopment costs associated with developing two (2) acres of land near Lewisburg, Greenbrier County to construct four (4) single-family homes for low- and moderate-income families; $10.3K.
  13. Southern Appalachian Labor School Foundation, Inc.: Oak Hill High/Elementary School; for predevelopment costs associated with the development of four acres of land that contained the Old Oak Hill High/Elementary School in Fayette County rehabilitated into multifamily housing units that will target low-income seniors and four (4) single-family homes; $10.3K.
  14. Wayne County Community Service Organization: Trout Hill Housing; for predevelopment costs associated with the renovation of the old Wayne Elementary School into eighteen (18) one-bedroom apartments as well as activity center for the elderly in Wayne County; $10.3K.

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